Our Services

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We assist with aligning your vision, mission and strategy with easy to use  products and solutions.

Delivery Man


Whether you need someone permanently, temporarily, or have an IT Team of your own, we can assist you with completing those overdue projects or managing those day to day issues.

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Keeping your organization safe is our top priority! From Anti-virus to managing your network, we have what you need to keep those hackers out.

Data Cloud


Whether you are looking to replace
physical servers, send email or looking
for a place to backup your data, SMB has a solution to all your cloud needs.

Network Hub and Cable


Upgrading your current infrastructure or outfitting a new building, our clients come to us to ensure that the job is completed with quality!

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“Because technology is complicated
enough”, Some organizations need assistance bridging that gap between
people and technology. Our team meets with you to understand your pain points to help optimize technology to suit your needs.

For a complete list of our products and services, send us an email

at info@smbtrinidad.com